Letters to Spiritual Children, Part XI

Think more often about death and who will meet you there. Bright angels may meet you or dark, evil demons may surround you. From one look at them you could lose your mind.

In this our salvation consists: to be saved, that is, to not fall into the hands of the demons but to be delivered from them and enter into the Kingdom of God, into eternal, incomprehensible joy and bliss. It’s worth it to struggle here, it’s really worth it. The demons are prideful and seize the prideful so we need to humble ourselves. The demons are wrathful so we need to acquire meekness in order that they do not seize us as being like them in soul. The demons are unforgiving and unmerciful which means that we need to quickly forgive and reconcile with those that have offended us and be merciful. And so on in everything.

We need to suppress the demonic behavior in our soul and implant the angelic which is shown in the Holy Gospel. If there is more demonic in our souls after death then they will seize us. If we yet here admit our demonic quality, will ask forgiveness for it from the Lord and forgive all others then the Lord will forgive us, destroy everything wicked in us, and not let us into the hands of the demons. If we will not judge anyone here then the Lord will not judge us there. So on in everything.

Let us live in peace, forgive one another, be reconciled with one another, repent in everything before the Lord and ask for his mercy and salvation from the demons and eternal torment while there is still time.

Let us not play with our eternal fate. May the Lord instruct you. Amen.



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