Patriarch Kirill the TV Show Host

Moscow. February 2, 2009. Interfax – Kirill, Patriarch of Moscow and All Rus, following his pick as first-hierarch, will continue to host the program ‘Word of the Pastor,’ which for nearly 15 years has been broadcast on Saturdays at nine AM on First Channel.

‘His Holiness, the Patriarch, plans to continue to address his arch-pastoral words to TV viewers who are interested to know the thoughts of the Church about very different aspects of peoples lives, happenings in the country, the meaning of dogma, and events in Church history,’ said a source at the Patriarchate to an Interfax Religion correspondent.

Patriarch Kirill thus becomes the first first-hierarch of the Russian Church who will weekly address the flock using modern technological means.

Continuing his 15 minute TV show, Patriarch Kirill has definitely made a wise move-his already popular oratorial ability and voice of Orthodoxy will be even more respected among both Orthodox and non-Orthodox. Patriarch Kirill here has a unique opportunity to let the Word be heard in modern society with the authority of a Patriarch.


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