One less project

I was recently enlightened, with the fonar’ of Felix Culpa, that selected letters of Igumen Nikon have already been translated and published and, therefore, I will cease their publication on this blog and proceed to other projects I have in mind. As you, hopefully, have seen, the letters of Igumen Nikon are nutritious nourishment for the hungry soul, so I encourage you to buy said book.


4 thoughts on “One less project

  1. May I suggest the letters of Fr. Clement Sederholm of Optina Pustyn to his father, a Lutheran pastor, regarding Orthodoxy? The bibliographic info is to be found in “The Optina Fathers” series by St Herman Press – Fr. Clement wrote the biographies of Sts. Leonid and Anthony of Optina in that series. Fr. Clement was cell attendant to one or more of the Elders (St. Anthony of Optina?).

    I have been hoping someone would translate them. If you ever come across it – or know someone who might be able to scan it for me – please consider sending it on. I think it would be of great value to Lutherans considering Orthodoxy – of which I know not a few.

  2. Looks like a good suggestion, but I do have a rather substantial list of other things I’m hoping to work on. I found, however, a book that these letters are in – this book, which contains two biographies (one of which was written by Konstantin Leontiev and is also available online here), the letters to his father, and six of his articles. I will try and pick it up sometime and at least have a look at it. If I think it’s beyond my power, I’ll mail it to you.

  3. Thanks! I had never even been able to find the book and assumed there would simply be an old, musty version in a library somewhere that would need to be copied and mailed. Thanks, again! I will try and see if it is available this side of the pond in some way, too.

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