Free from Bestial Foolishness

Would you like, beloved, to joyfully celebrate the victorious day and meet Christ, approaching his passion, and cling to Him? Then be a companion to the Vanquisher together with the crowd, shaking the signs of victory. In the place of branches, bring a virtuous life; fashion your arms into olive branches and stretch them out to give alms. Be, if you will, a foal and carry Christ, who is coming to Jerusalem. Like the one who, not resisting but humbling himself, followed to Bethany the disciples, who were sent for him to untie and bring him, so you obey the one who teaches you to accept the humility of Christ. If you do not resist in any way, you will be truly a foal of Christ, freed from bestial foolishness. Be like children, babes in evil. Change your gray hair into the meekness of an infant; gray hair is useless without simplicity. Accompany and lead forward with the Lord and the people.
St. Andrew of Crete


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