Letter Five of Fr. Clement Sederholm to His Father

I wish you, dear father, complete success in your work “On the Resurrection of the Lord.” It would be good if you were able to put in place today’s Saducees. I do not know what to say about the fact that a large part of educated humanity rejects the principle dogmas of the Christian teaching, as, for example, the dogma of the Holy Trinity or the Resurrection. After this almost nothing remains of Christianity. Only I don’t understand how you, by means of erudition and deduction, want to prove that which is higher than human reason and all science, as, for example, the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. For this, more than anything else, is necessary living faith which is impossible to convey with scientific arguments as it is impossible in this way to convey a feeling of the beautiful.

P.S. You write, dear mother, that you are striving to accept with submission all that is sent to you from the Most High. My sincere, filial wish is that you would not only submit to the will of God but that in you would be fulfilled the will of God that is good, acceptable, and perfect (Rom. 12:2)

May 30, 1863


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