The layman’s kamilavka…

…maybe, if we began to measure our progress and awarded belts in the Church, things would change… (Source)


4 thoughts on “The layman’s kamilavka…

  1. The opportunity to become a mitred layman may also help.

    A few years ago the OCA established guidelines for priestly awards. After so many years the gold cross, after so many years the…. I thought it silly. Tenure alone provides all awards? I can see awarding some based on longevity, but others should be reserved for more qualitative, spiritual achievements. Finishing top of your class is not the same as receiving the attendance award.

  2. Mitred layman has a nice ring, or maybe arch-layman?

    That’s interesting news, which I did not know. I would have to confirm it but I think the church here in Russia has the same system (in addition to the various saintly orders, which are given to laymen as well).

  3. My spiritual father, a Protopresbyter with a miter, 4 awarded pectoral crosses, the right to serve with the Royal Doors open throughout, etc., once told me that he thinks all priests should be ordained with all the awards, and that then they should start slowly taking them away. He was, of course, perfectly serious.

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