I am passionate about all things Russian. So passionate, indeed, that I even married a Russian! And having studied Russian as a foreign language, I know how confusing, difficult, and downright frustrating it can be.

I’ve worked in translation of both literary and business texts for approximately 8 years. Besides the translations posted here on this site, my translations have been published in Orthodox Life and on Pravmir.com.

I completed a degree in Russian at the University of Illinois at Chicago, as well as took an intensive, 8-week course at the Summer Language Workshop at Indiana University. Following graduation, I moved to Russia, where I lived for three years. After getting married in 2008, I’ve almost exclusively spoken Russian in the home and among a wide circle of native Russian speakers, who often find it hard to believe that I’m a non-native speaker.

I also listen avidly to many genres of Russian music, from traditional folk to contemporary, so if you have any questions about Russian music or want recommendations (or want lyrics translated, for instance), I’d be glad to help you.


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