On the Saints

The following are a few selections from Bozhii lyudi (Moi dukhovnye vstrechi) [God's People (My Spiritual Encounters)] by Metropolitan Benjamin (Fedchenkov). Of course they [remembrances] do not include every aspect of monastic life; they do not speak about the selfless struggle of monks, which only they themselves, their spiritual father, and God Himself knows. I… Continue reading On the Saints


Apropos to the first day of the Great Fast

For eating is also a matter of habit.Abba DorotheosThis is the time of repentance. This is the day of salvation. This is the beginning of the fast. Be vigilant, my soul! Close the door of your passions and seek the Lord.Let us present a good fast, well-pleasing to the Lord! A true fast is alienation… Continue reading Apropos to the first day of the Great Fast