Faith, Unbelief, and Doubt: Part I. Children’s Faith, Chapter 3

Everyone knows to what extent children actually live in quite another world. And if I do not remember much about myself, I will write down something from the lives of other children. One child of three, whose grandmother wrote me, was suffering with whooping cough for a long time. Before going to bed, he said… Continue reading Faith, Unbelief, and Doubt: Part I. Children’s Faith, Chapter 3


Faith, Unbelief, and Doubt: Part I. Children’s Faith, Chapter 2

I also remember how my grandmother (Nadezhda who was holy and humble; may she be granted the Kingdom of Heaven!) took me to the church that stood on a hill, about two versts from our house, to receive the Holy Mysteries. I was dressed in a clean, colored shirt, I remember, and it was in… Continue reading Faith, Unbelief, and Doubt: Part I. Children’s Faith, Chapter 2

Faith, Unbelief, and Doubt: Part I. Children’s Faith, Chapter 1

This is the beginning of the serial publication of the book Faith, Unbelief, and Doubt by Metropolitan Benjamin (Fedchenkov) (1880-1961), an extraordinary bishop who wrote a number of directly autobiographical memoirs and other books that include many interesting facts from his life (concerning not only his own life but also different aspects of Russian culture), which was lived,… Continue reading Faith, Unbelief, and Doubt: Part I. Children’s Faith, Chapter 1

Serbian Conversations, Part 2

At long last, I present the second interview with Fr. Daniel Sysoyev and Yuri Maximov which they gave in Serbia. "O Lord, open Thou my lips and my mouth shall declare Thy praise" Stanoje Stankovic: The first question: What do you think about missions in the world, that is, in Africa, in Russia, in Serbia,… Continue reading Serbian Conversations, Part 2

Two Takes on Sects

While you're waiting for the second part of the interview with Fr. Daniel Sysoyev and Yuri Maximov (which is very close to being finished), contemplate some understandings on sects from some Russian points of view. The essence of every sect consists in deviation from correct Orthodox religious-moral teaching, and the essence of schism consists in… Continue reading Two Takes on Sects

Serbian Conversations, Part 1

The following is the first part of a translation I've slowly been working on in my web-log absence. It is one of the last interviews that Fr. Daniel Sysoyev gave. Serbian Conversations Father Daniel Sysoyev and Yuri Maximov "Shining as a star" A few words about Father Daniel Sysoyev from Yuri Maximov Late on the… Continue reading Serbian Conversations, Part 1

The Power of Love and Not Force – Interview with Fr. Vladimir Vorobyov

During the patriarchal ministry of Patriarch Alexey II a completely new task stood before the Church: to learn to be self-sufficient and be independent in relationship to the government. According to Archpriest Vladimir Vorobyov, the rector of St. Tikhon's Orthodox Humanitarian University, not one patriarch of Russia had so much work to do. Until Patriarch… Continue reading The Power of Love and Not Force – Interview with Fr. Vladimir Vorobyov

Have You Thanked Your Babushka Today?

By Initiative of the Syktyvkar Eparchy in the Republic of Komi Will be Celebrated the Day of Orthodox Grandmothers The press secretary of the Syktyvkar and Vorkuta Eparchy, Igumen Philip (Filatov) announced that on July 24, believers of the eparchy will for the first time celebrate the day of Orthodox grandmothers. According to him, it… Continue reading Have You Thanked Your Babushka Today?

Icons for the Blind

An Iconostasis for Blind and Poor-sighted Children to be Unveiled in Lipetsk A house-church with a special, three-dimensional wood iconostasis will be opened for the next school year in the Lipetsk specialized (correctional) general education boarding-school of the III-IV type for blind and poor-sighted children reports Blagovest-info with reference to the information agency Lipetsk Regional… Continue reading Icons for the Blind

Feast Day of Sts. Kirill and Methody

To fill a small part of the void while ROCOR United is on vacation, I am reporting on one of Sunday's happenings in Moscow on the feast day of Sts. Kirill and Methody (also, by the way, the name's day of the Patriarch). I started translating the following article and got worn out with the… Continue reading Feast Day of Sts. Kirill and Methody

Homily on St. John (Maximovich) – Part II

The second, and final, part of a homily on St. John (Maximovich) by Bishop Basil (Rodzianko). (Follows part I.) Our next meeting was already after the war. I was, actually, in a Serbian parish; not one of my parishioners left at all because that was their homeland, it was their village and they lived there.… Continue reading Homily on St. John (Maximovich) – Part II

Language of the Church

I happened to be in attendance at the presentation recently reported on by ROCOR United and here present a few impressions. One thought which Dr. Sedakova expressed which I had never heard before was the idea that the language of the Slavic Church has never been simply understandable to every Peter, Paul, and Mary that… Continue reading Language of the Church

Homily of Patriarch Kirill on the Sunday of Orthodoxy

Follows my translation of the homily that Patriarch Kirill gave last Sunday. This address is very relevant to the current transitional time in the life of the Russian Orthodox Church and emphasizes the patriarch's faithfulness to maintaining Orthodox Tradition. For the full effect you can hear and see the homily being delivered by clicking here.… Continue reading Homily of Patriarch Kirill on the Sunday of Orthodoxy

Patriarch Kirill’s Plans

According to his first interview as patriarch, Patriarch Kirill, following his first hierarchical visit today to Smolensk, would like to visit Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg, and...Kiev. Let's see what Yushchenko and his croonies have to say about that. I will remind you that, at that time, Metropolitan Kirill was a major influence on the EP not… Continue reading Patriarch Kirill’s Plans

Video of Enthronement of Patriarch Kirill

The enthronement of Patriarch Kirill was broadcast live here in Russia. Here is a link to that broadcast. Before you get too upset at the fact that there is commentary you should know that the commentator is a professor from the Moscow Theological Seminary and that this was broadcast on what you could call the… Continue reading Video of Enthronement of Patriarch Kirill

Patriarch Kirill the TV Show Host

Moscow. February 2, 2009. Interfax - Kirill, Patriarch of Moscow and All Rus, following his pick as first-hierarch, will continue to host the program 'Word of the Pastor,' which for nearly 15 years has been broadcast on Saturdays at nine AM on First Channel. 'His Holiness, the Patriarch, plans to continue to address his arch-pastoral… Continue reading Patriarch Kirill the TV Show Host

Acceptance Speech of Newly-chosen Patriarch Kirill

Your Eminences and Graces, your Very Reverend, Reverences, honorable Fathers, Brothers and Sisters! With humility and complete understanding of the responsibility I accept the fate of God through which I am given over to the Patriarchal ministry. It is great. It is a responsibility. But in the center of this service is the Cross of… Continue reading Acceptance Speech of Newly-chosen Patriarch Kirill

Archimandrite Neophytus (Osipov) Canonized

At a regular meeting of the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church on Friday, January 23, 2009, the following act was issued. Into the List of Holy New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia is Added the Name of Archimandrite Neophytus (Osipov) On Friday there was a meeting of the Holy Synod of the Russian… Continue reading Archimandrite Neophytus (Osipov) Canonized