Church Slavonic Resources

A collection of materials compiled by me or found elsewhere on the internet in my personal study of Church Slavonic. I am not a complete expert in said language so please inform me of any errors you may find in any documents. This will be an ever-growing collection as I will add texts as they are finished.

First of all, I will state that I am a “Church Slavonic purist” and insist on my liturgical texts being in genuine Church Slavonic fonts and not in modern Russian, western wanna-be fonts. Therefore, all texts will be posted in pdf format, but if you want files to be able to work with, just email me at norespite3(at)gmail(dot)com and I will send you doc files. However, for this you will need to download several fonts from this webpage. (Additional fonts can be found here.) On this page, following each file I will state which fonts have been used.

Links to other resources