On the Saints

The following are a few selections from Bozhii lyudi (Moi dukhovnye vstrechi) [God's People (My Spiritual Encounters)] by Metropolitan Benjamin (Fedchenkov). Of course they [remembrances] do not include every aspect of monastic life; they do not speak about the selfless struggle of monks, which only they themselves, their spiritual father, and God Himself knows. I… Continue reading On the Saints


Homily on Forgiveness Sunday

I present to you a homily given on Forgiveness Sunday 2010 by Fr. Maxim Kozlov at St. Tatiana's Orthodox Church in Moscow, Russia. Entering into Great Lent, let us be faithful when we get down to business In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit! Today, dear brothers and sisters,… Continue reading Homily on Forgiveness Sunday