Faith, Unbelief, and Doubt: Part I. Children’s Faith, Chapter 3

Everyone knows to what extent children actually live in quite another world. And if I do not remember much about myself, I will write down something from the lives of other children. One child of three, whose grandmother wrote me, was suffering with whooping cough for a long time. Before going to bed, he said… Continue reading Faith, Unbelief, and Doubt: Part I. Children’s Faith, Chapter 3


Homily on St. John (Maximovich) – Part II

The second, and final, part of a homily on St. John (Maximovich) by Bishop Basil (Rodzianko). (Follows part I.) Our next meeting was already after the war. I was, actually, in a Serbian parish; not one of my parishioners left at all because that was their homeland, it was their village and they lived there.… Continue reading Homily on St. John (Maximovich) – Part II

Let the bells peal

Act of Canonical Communion We, the humble Alexy II, by God’s mercy Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, jointly with the Eminent Members of the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate, having gathered at a meeting of the Holy Synod (date) in the God-preserved city of Moscow; and the humble… Continue reading Let the bells peal